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The mind of a man is guessed with the way in which he carries his cane.

(Balzac: Extract of the Traité de la Vie Elégante)

Thus was born passion…

Formed by trade-guild in the best workman-craftsmen of France, Pierre Vanherck cultivates the passion of wood. Specialized in the contemporary furniture of high-end or fine art out of turned wood, he owns the gift to emphasize what nature brings of better to us. After eighteen years of experience acquired in particular in industry, he decided to take the step and to live his passion.

Craftsman of art: a concept, a vocation, a passion.

In 2000, Pierre Vanherck is recognized as Artisan of Art by the Office of the Trades of Art of the Walloon Brabant. His career will take a new orientation in 2004 following a challenge: the realization of a cane of luxury and jewels matched.

During the year 2005, this passion leads him to create a whole collection. Canes and jewels of exception whose characteristic is to associate wood and the noble metals with, if necessary, an invaluable stone setting. He works starting from the noblest wood : Cocobolo, Ebony, Rosewood, Snake wood and mopanee in particular. Requiring by nature, Pierre Vanherck is surrounded only of craftsmen impassioned and rigorous as for the methods and matters used.

In 2006, Pierre Vanherck recorded his claw under the name Pierre Création and deposited his models. Pierre Création became synonymous with quality and exclusiveness. Each part single, is entirely carried out with the hand and is signed by the creator.
The same year, Pierre Vanherck is designated prize winner of the contest “the Window of the Craftsman”.

In 2007, the canes Pierre Création are presented to Paris and Tokyo and take part in many events.

In 2008, new models are presented, the leather to dress our canes in a way discrete and harmonious.

In 2009, the canes and the jewels Pierre Création are proposed in Luxembourg and Monaco.
In collaboration with the workshop Galez, creation of a collection with coats of mail.
This collection will be presented at the fashion show to the Castle of  Hélécine.

From November 19th to 24th : Exposure Ozone  to  Tokyo.

2009 is completed in beauty :

Within the framework of the festivities of Christmas in Rome for the inauguration of the Christmas tree offered by the Wallonne agency to export - AWEX - this one asked me to create a cane of prestige who was offered to Pope Benoît XVI.   ( Photos : 1 , 2 , 3

 Press articles at page “Press ”.


For this end of the year the House Pierre Création signed a cooperation agreement with the company Diamond Culture.

What will enable him to propose canes even more prestigious and exclusive. Or precious wood will set diamonds with the colors of an unequalled purity. This cooperation will make it possible to create objects of prestige morally “green” .

Because the woods used by the House Pierre Création are certified as the diamonds proposed by the company Diamond Culture.

In 2010, creation of new models or leathers prestigious is sheathed on the pommels of canes.
The crocodile and ostrich leathers are harmonized with precious wood.
A particular order, the creation of a crosier for a spanish Bishop ( Photos : 1 , 2).

At the beginning of 2011, a new shop proposes the collections Pierre Création. HARPES & FRANCART    L-6940 Niederanven   LUXEMBOURG

The achievements Pierre Création  are objects of exception, timeless, always worked to measure. The press, is unanimous: the Pierre Création canes are true works of Article.

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