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Guarantee and question and answer session.


On this page, you can find all the questions asked.

This page will be regularly updated according to your requests or new questions.



     Guarantee :

The jewels Pierre Création are the subject of a subtle research making it possible to associate materials having different dilation coefficients.

This research made it possible to assemble precious woods and precious metals.
In addition to the recording of the models under the claw
Pierre Création  this system of process is the subject of a proposal of patent.

That enables us to guarantee to you “to life” this type of creation.
Consequently, this guarantee covers the defects of manufacture of the jewels and not of the damage which would result from a bad use or a bad maintenance.


This charter of guarantee thus requires some explanations by a succession of questions and answers:


1. Is the assemblage of the jewels Pierre Création sustainable?

Yes, the assemblage of the jewels is sustainable.
 Subtle research has been made to create the jewels Pierre Création, allowing to associate materials having different expansion coefficient.

This research allowed to associate on the same creation precious wood and precious metals.
The assemblage wood-metal is guaranteed for life… the guarantee Charter is to be read here above.
However, regarding the assemblage wood-silver  or wood-gold, if the internal metal ring is deformed such as heavy work, it is obvious that wood will not follow this deformation.
This kind of incident is not serious; you can bring back the ring to
Pierre Création’s workshop.

The assemblage will be de-set and the ring in metal will be reformed. Then, your ring will be renewed thanks to the setting of a new piece of wood.
Depending on the model, the work costs from 35€ to 55€. For rings with diamonds, it costs from 80€ to 155€.

You must also take into account the costs for the sending of your creation.



2. Do the Pierre Création rings resist water?

Yes, they do!

They can be used for everyday life without problems. They resist water very well, such as bathwater, dishwashing, and even sea water.
However, the more they are wet, the more the original tint will darken.
Indeed, regularly wet wood protects itself by becoming a darker tint. There is no problem for dark wood.

The setting is wooden. Therefore, some recommendations have to be made.

Each ring is covered by 15 oil layers (10 hot and 5 cold ones). But if the ring is regularly wet, the wood could darken. It is sufficient to nourish the wood with a soft oil (such as almond oil or paraffin) in order to restore the shine.
This maintenance is advised in order to avoid dry wood.


 3. How can I know the size of my finger?

This service is normally offered by any jeweler.
You can also send to
Pierre Création‘s workshop one of your rings with your correct ring size.

The ring will be made with this size.



4. What are the price of the jewels?

 With the use of silver:
- The price changes from
440  to 520 euros according to the model.
The price does not change for the same model of the size and width.

- The prices of cufflinks, earrings and necklaces change from 220 to 350 euros.
The use of gold and/or precious stones need a detailed estimate according to the ring and /or the size of the stone.


 5. How to order ?

All the pictures of this site are downloadable.

Thus, you can send an e-mail to Pierre Création house with the pictures that pleased you.

Moreover, you can create your own ring with metal, wood, the size, and the stone chosen.

You will receive, by return mail, a formal estimate with  all the information about the item and the payment of the order.

The payment is always done by a international transfer bank. This is the safest mean of payment.


6. What is the expected delay of an item?

The item needs about 3 weeks. This delay cannot be shortened.

7. Is the spending of the item secure?

Yes, it is!

Pierre Création has a contract with the UPS society which guarantees the delivery and the comprehensive insurance of the package and his contents.


 8. How can I know the opinions of other customers?

A facebook page has been created for the customers of the Pierre Création house.

You can share your experiences or you can give advice in order to improve the service.

This page is still here today thanks to your comments, and your photos of the items.
This page also informs you about the latest news and updates



9. I have found on internet jewels that look like Pierre Création  jewels!!

Don’t we say: ‘Better be copied than copy’.

It is never pleasant to discover some Pierre Création jewels are part of a plagiarism network.

France, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom are the principal countries in which you will find Pierre Création creations.


Background :

Pierre Création proposed his first creations in 1999. The finalization, the adjustment of the assemblage system and the first exhibitions were in 2003. In 2006, Pierre Création begun to be a registered trademark.

The first copies appeared in 2008.

In permanent contact with the creator: Pierre Vanherck

Pierre Création is the only brand that proposes :
- a personal estimate
- exclusive custom-made creations
- a unique relation with
Pierre Création  from the estimate to the creation
- a life guarantee Charter developed for the jewels, with the prices and explanations
- a Facebook page where customers interact and are online with
Pierre Création  

Transparence is total on this page…

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact
Pierre Création.


Pierre Vanherck

e-mail : info@pierre-vanherck.com


Pierre Création ®  is a registered trademark.

All works of this web site are protected by the relative provision with the intellectual property.
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